TCAR’s mission: To provide our members a value through Networking, Education, Best Practice standards, Governmental Advocacy and Community Service by utilizing the highest quality resources and services available within the industry.

TCAR vs TCAB: Which Membership is Right for You?

 Please review the FAQs below to determine which membership category is best for you. Additionally, Abbey Wood is ready for additional questions you might have. Contact Abbey at

1.)   Are you the Managing Director of your company?

1.            Yes: You many join either TCAR or TCAB

2.            No: Go to the next question.

2.)   Is your Managing Director a TCAR Member?

1.            Yes: Then, you must also join as a TCAR Member. Managing Brokers that are REALTOR® Members in TCAR, are bound by an agreement with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) that requires all licensees within their company become REALTOR® members as well.

2.            No: You are only eligible for TCAB membership. Your Managing Broker does not have to be a TCAB Member for you to be eligible to join TCAB. TCAR is an office membership, while TCAB is individual.

3.)   Do you hold a North Carolina Real Estate license?

1.            Yes: You will join either TCAR or TCAB, based on questions one and two.

2.            No: You will join TCAR as an Associate Member.

4.)   What is the difference between TCAR and TCAB Membership?

1.            TCAB: TCAB Membership is an individual membership category. Members receive local benefits such as free Continuing Education, eligibility in Frontier Awards, discounts to Triangle Pairlist and Triangle Business Journal, access to member pricing for events and networking opportunities.

2.            TCAR: TCAR is an office membership and membership is required for all licensees under a managing broker who is a TCAR member. Benefits include all those provided at the local level (as noted for TCAB), as well as, services from the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® (NCR) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).

 5.)   Do I still get access to the NC Commercial Forms/Zip Forms if I become a TCAB member?

 No. This benefit is provided through the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® and is only available to TCAR members.

6.)   How do I become eligible for the Elite Broker Awards?

                Both TCAR and TCAB members (in good standing) are eligible for the Elite Broker Awards. Membership applications can be submitted along with competition applications in early January.

7.)   Is my membership recognized by the residential MLS?

                Only membership in TCAR provides you with eligibility to access the residential MLS. TCAB membership does not qualify.

8.)   How do I switch my membership from TCAR to TCAB?

 A membership application/transfer form is available upon request. Dues billing for 2019 will occur on November 26th. REALTOR® benefits will be available through the end of 2018 but terminated on January 1, 2019.

9.)    What if our firm chooses to convert our membership back to TCAR, during 2019?

All NAR and NCR dues are owed in an amount up to $290 per REALTOR® member.

10.) What if I am a CCIM, RLI, SIOR, or other designee that requires REALTOR® membership?

Become an Institute Affiliate for $105 per year. These fees are paid through your institute, if you chose to be a CBC member. There are no NAR, NCAR for this category of membership – it just fulfills the requirement of your designation. TCAR reserves the right to provide benefits to Institute Affiliate members. Click here for more information on contacting your institute.