TCAR’s mission: To provide our members a value through Networking, Education, Best Practice standards, Governmental Advocacy and Community Service by utilizing the highest quality resources and services available within the industry.

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2019 TCAR Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Josh Chenery,  President                     919-868-9783 email 

Daniel Herring,  President - Elect      919-760-7822    email

Gary Becker,  Past President           919-882-5663    email 

Wilson Hicks, Treasurer                   919-571-7055    email


Board Members

Bill Aucoin 919-913-1101 email

Amy Bush 919-349-5539 email

Teresa Daughtry 919-585-5327 email

Sam DiFranco, Jr. 919-674-3699 email

Whitfield Gibson 919-510-9275 email

Mac Jones 919-271-2743 email

Stacy Milburn 919-637-6697 email

David Morgan 919-740-8040 email

Jerry Thornton 919-631-2781 email

Sonya Wagner 919-889-7557 email

Executive Staff
TCAR Office 919-228-2588

Abbey Wood email

Ann Fisher email


TCAR Board Committees:

MEMBERSHIP: This committee is responsible for attracting and retaining members, facilitating participation in the organization, and formulating strategies for appropriate expansion of the membership. 

Bill Aucoin
Jerry Thornton

SOCIAL MEDIA: This committee is responsible for four primary areas: E-Newsletter, Public Relations, Media Relations and the TCAR website.

Stacy Milburn
Daniel Herring

SPONSORSHIP: This committee is responsible for obtaining and providing support to our corporate sponsors within the organization.

Daniel Herring
Teresa Daughtry
Jerry Thornton
Sonya Wagner

SHOWCASES & EVENTS: This committee is responsible for overseeing all networking events.

Josh Chenery
Sam DiFranco, Jr.
Amy Bush

EDUCATION: This committee works to ensure CE classes are arranged each year for brokers.

David Morgan
Teresa Daughtry
Amy Bush


Gary Becker
Mac Jones