TCAR’s mission: To provide our members a value through Networking, Education, Best Practice standards, Governmental Advocacy and Community Service by utilizing the highest quality resources and services available within the industry.


2019 TCAR Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Josh Chenery,  President                     919-868-9783 email 

Daniel Herring,  President - Elect      919-760-7822    email

Gary Becker,  Past President           919-882-5663    email 

Wilson Hicks, Treasurer                   919-571-7055    email


Board Members

Bill Aucoin 919-913-1101 email

Amy Bush 919-349-5539 email

Teresa Daughtry 919-585-5327 email

Sam DiFranco, Jr. 919-674-3699 email

Whitfield Gibson 919-510-9275 email

Mac Jones 919-271-2743 email

Stacy Milburn 919-637-6697 email

David Morgan 919-740-8040 email

Jerry Thornton 919-631-2781 email

Sonya Wagner 919-889-7557 email

Executive Staff
TCAR Office 919-228-2588

Abbey Wood email

Ann Fisher email


TCAR Board Committees:

MEMBERSHIP: This committee is responsible for attracting and retaining members, facilitating participation in the organization, and formulating strategies for appropriate expansion of the membership. 

Bill Aucoin
Jerry Thornton

SOCIAL MEDIA: This committee is responsible for four primary areas: E-Newsletter, Public Relations, Media Relations and the TCAR website.

Stacy Milburn
Daniel Herring

SPONSORSHIP: This committee is responsible for obtaining and providing support to our corporate sponsors within the organization.

Daniel Herring
Teresa Daughtry
Jerry Thornton
Sonya Wagner

SHOWCASES & EVENTS: This committee is responsible for overseeing all networking events.

Josh Chenery
Sam DiFranco, Jr.
Amy Bush

EDUCATION: This committee works to ensure CE classes are arranged each year for brokers.

David Morgan
Teresa Daughtry
Amy Bush


Gary Becker
Mac Jones